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White Sands Shopping Centre (Chinese: 白沙购物中心) is a shopping mall located in Pasir Ris, Singapore next to Pasir Ris as well as the Pasir Ris Bus Interchange.

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Main ConsumersEdit

The main patrons of this shopping mall are primary, secondary school and junior college students from the neighbourhood. Since most shops in this shopping mall cater to nearby residents, the shopping mall closes around 2200h every night.


In 2007, White Sands Shopping Centre was brought under new management after being bought over by AsiaMalls Management Pte Ltd. The Shopping Centre underwent renovation works which changed the exterior of the mall as well as converting the Basement 1 car park into retail space. John Little was vacated for more mixed retails on the first two floors of the mall. The Pasir Ris Public Library on the 4th floor was retained. The food court was moved from the 4th to the 3rd floor, which was previously occupied by Courts. Its previous space on the 4th floor was converted to more shops.



White Sands has received the Pro-Family Business (PFB) accreditation by the Singapore Productivity Association (SPA).

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