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Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Chinese: 亚坤) is a chain of air-conditioned kopitiams in Singapore and certain parts of Asia. As the name suggests, it sells kaya toast, bottled kaya, soft boiled eggs, Singapore-style coffee and tea, and other beverages.


The company was founded in 1944 by Loi Ah Koon from Hainan, China[1] at Telok Ayer Basin. After 15 years at Telok Ayer Basin, the stall moved to Telok Ayer Market (now Lau Pa Sat). It was renamed Ya Kun which is the Hanyu pinyin equivalent to Ah Koon. The stall remained there until 1984, when restoration works of the Telok Ayer Market began. The stall then moved to the now-defunct Telok Ayer Transit Food Market. In 1998, the coffee stall was passed down to his children and it moved to a new location at Far East Square.[2]

Ya Kun International was incorporated in 2001 in Singapore, to expand the chain of coffee stalls islandwide and regionally. Ya Kun has 32 outlets in Singapore, with franchises in Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and South Korea.


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